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What is a Midwife

A midwife is an experienced childbirth professional, specifically trained in pregnancy and birth, who aids a couple in birthing naturally, usually at home.

We are knowledgeable in the use of herbs, homeopathics and other holistic medicines to support healthy pregnancy and birth, and we have special training in emergency care. We are advocate s of women and the normalcy of birth! We educate, guide, support and encourage women and their families to give birth in their most familiar environment, and in their own unique way. We will recommend the use of modern medicine when it is necessary.

What is a Home Birth

Home birth has been statistically proven to be safer than hospital birth. At the hospital there tends to be more interventions, infections, injuries, and fatalities. We are certified in neonatal resuscitation and healthcare provider’s CPR. I carry herbs, oxygen, and emergency medications.
(Did you know that you can give birth at home in the water? See the water birth link)

Benefits of Home birth:

You are able to labor more comfortably in your most familiar environment: your own home!

You are not surrounded by strangers or germs that are alien to you.
Your desires are more likely to be honored.
You don’t have to leave home to go somewhere else. Your favorite foods are easily at hand.
You are not hooked up to monitors and confined to bed. Dad can rest, too. After birth you’re allowed to rest together as a family without being continuously interrupted.
There are no shift changes; your midwife is there for the entire process.

What is a Doula?

A doula is a laboring couple’s assistant during a hospital birth. She is an experienced labor coach who supports and encourages mothers before, during, and after labor. A doula offers pain relief techniques, education, and options.

Statistics support the use of a doula. Fewer epidurals and other interventions occur when a doula is present with you in the hospital. It is less likely you will have a cesarean, and most mothers experience shorter labors and better mother-baby bonding. Breastfeeding is also more successful with doula support.

Doula Services

Your doula arrives at your agreed upon meeting place once you’ve let her know your labor has begun. If you agree to meet at your home, your doula will arrive swiftly to provide comfort and coping strategies as required until you’re ready to go to the hospital.

Once you’re at the hospital, she continues to provide comfort and care, which may include light massage, suggestions for position changes, or other recommendations. At certain points, your doula may also suggest you get into the shower or the bath.

Throughout your time at the hospital your doula helps create an environment conducive to your comfort. She may offer to play soft music. She may also make suggestions to your partner in how he or she can help care for you.

During your labor your doula encourages you and educates you on the pros and cons of various possible interventions. Your doula always supports you in making the decisions you feel are best for you and your baby.

Your doula remains with you throughout the birth until both you and your baby are in stable condition. After birth, your doula can provide breastfeeding support, if desired. Before and after labor, your doula is available for telephone consultations, if desired.

If you have questions about using a doula, feel free to contact us.