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I started caring for newborns and mothers as a child and now, in my 50’s, it’s still my heart’s calling. This calling fulfills for me not only my fascination with how we work as humans in a body, but also as souls evolving to find more peaceful ways of relating to each other and our home on earth.

My health care career began in 1972 as a U.S. Navy medic working in a gynecological ward performing basic nursing care. Following a 1,400 hour specialty training as a pharmacy tech, I worked in a hospital that filled 1,000 outpatient prescriptions a day and in my last year I was the sole operator of a branch pharmacy. I learned how drugs used in labor affected the baby and how misuse of antibiotics could lead to drug resistant bacterial strains that are now a serious problem. I saw how the heroic measures of pharmaceuticals and surgery are widely misused and began my studies of other treatment modalities and the foundations of health.

For 10 years I worked in natural food stores as a nutritional consultant and manager of herbs and supplements. I completed course work in massage, acupressure and shiatsu, herbalism, homeopathy, reiki, nutritional therapy, and yoga. College coursework, in addition to the sciences, includes child development, psychology and family dynamics, comparative religions, sociology, anthropology. Of course as a health professional I keep abreast of medical practices and research and continue the refinement of skills, knowledge, and wisdom in pathways to wellness and midwifery’s broad realm. My volunteer experience includes: well-woman exams at the Berkeley Women’s Health Collective in 1978-79, labor coaching at San Francisco General in 1992-1993, and care and feeding of high-need infants at San Francisco General Hospital in 1991-93.

I started attending births as a midwife’s assistant in a homebirth practice in 1988. My midwifery training includes traditional apprenticeship and a one year clinical and didactic intensive

[600 classroom hours and 3-24hour clinic shifts per week] at Maternidad la Luz in El Paso, TX. I was a founding member of Awakenings Birth Services, serving San Francisco and the East Bay for 10 years with comprehensive midwifery and homebirth services and postpartum doula care for families with twins. More…