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I am a CA Licensed and Certified Professional Midwife providing holistic midwifery care to the families I serve. Drawing on over 16 years of attending homebirths, I offer tender, respectful care during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

I became interested in midwifery during my final semester of college at Sonoma State University where I obtained a degree in biology. My decision to enroll in a class entitled “Childbirth and Midwifery” must have been a kind of Divine Inspiration and, after a very short time in the course, it became clear to me that I was being called to become a midwife. This was quite a change from the life I had been planning, but I could not ignore the passion I felt. I began to see midwifery as one of the highest callings to making a deep and meaningful change upon our planet and I felt certain that this was a path I was meant to follow.

As a way to begin learning about pregnancy and birth I became a certified doula through Birth & Bonding, Inc. I felt certain that I wanted to learn midwifery through an apprenticeship because I loved the idea of one woman passing on her wisdom and experience to another, and that was the door that opened before me. Being trained through the apprenticeship model was a beautiful, challenging and deeply fulfilling experience. My training not only included an apprenticeship with two different midwives and a rigorous self-study program, but I also completed a month long internship at Mercy Maternity Clinic in Davao City, Philippines.

I am the mother of three boys whom I birthed in the comfort of my own home. My pregnancies and birth experiences taught me a great deal about myself, midwifery and life itself. Raising my boys continues to be life’s greatest teacher. We lived off-grid for five years and I homeschooled two of my children for several years. In addition to being a mother and a midwife, I am also the editor for the CA Association of Midwives quarterly newsletter, a sailor, a beekeeper and a motorcycle enthusiast.

Over the years I have gained valuable experience in herbs, homeopathics, nutrition, massage, facilitating spiritual and emotional healing, yoga, waterbirth, and photography. I contribute my expertise and experience to complement the knowledge every woman has, deep inside herself, of what she needs to bring about an optimal pregnancy and birth experience.

At the heart of midwifery is the deep, personal relationship that forms between the midwife and the pregnant family. I am honored to participate in the ushering of new life and witnessing the beautiful transformation that occurs within a family during this rite of passage. My clients and I enjoy a meaningful relationship that develops over time in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. It is with gratitude and joy that I welcome you to contact me for more information.