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Breastfeeding Support

As your midwives, we will provide breastfeeding support for both new and experienced mothers. (We recognize the importance of initiating a good latch for breastfeeding infants.) We also want to be available as needed for additional breastfeeding support. Our help and support can make a big difference. We can provide breast pump rentals for moms who want to utilize this technology. We will also provide education and options for moms who are unable to breastfeed or do not wish to breastfeed.

Attending your Birth

We provide excellent and caring support for you during your labor. When your labor begins, contact us immediately. Upon arrival, we will take your vitals, listen to the baby’s heartbeat, and continue to monitor you and your baby throughout labor.

During labor we will recommend position changes as necessary, and may suggest herbs and homeopathics as well. We will also monitor the baby intermittently throughout labor.

We will deliver your baby, or assist the father or other family member in delivering the baby, as the case may be. Upon birth, we check you and your baby’s vitals, perform a newborn examination, and remain with you and your baby until you are both stable.

Postpartum Visits

Postpartum visit schedules vary among our midwives. In general, you will receive a postpartum visit at your home usually within 24-48 hours of the birth. Then again at 3-5 days after the birth. Then, you come to her at 2 weeks and 6 weeks, more or less, as needed. At these visits we will weigh the baby, check your and your baby’s vitals, assist your with breastfeeding as necessary, and provide any other counseling, education or support you need.

Your Lab Work

As experienced midwives we will provide complete, gentle care for women of all ages and offer the following lab services at the appropriate points during your pregnancy:

Complete Prenatal Profile
Hemoglobin / Hematocrit Levels
Blood sugar levels

Prenatal Visit

As your midwives we will see you once a month for prenatal visits until you are around 28-30 weeks. Then, every other week until 36 weeks. From that point forward, we will see you weekly, until delivery. At each prenatal visit we will listen for your baby’s heartbeat (the best indicator of how your baby is doing), check your blood pressure and weight, perform a urinalysis, measure your fundal height and check the baby’s position. During your visits we can discuss any issues or concerns you may have including the progress of your pregnancy. We are very committed to providing you with the support and education you need to ensure you and your baby’s health and happiness.