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Hello! My name is Seana Berglund. I am a trained labor doula and midwifery student serving in the North Bay since 2007. My journey as a doula began at age 10, after reading A Child Is Born. I was amazed and humbled by the mysterious inner workings of our bodies, and the incredible gifted ability we as women have at bringing forth vigorous, perfectly formed life from simple seeds. A year later I witnessed my mother birth my twin sisters, powerfully and naturally. God ignited a fiery passion in my heart, and from that day forward I have felt that it is my calling to be with women as they grow and birth their little ones. I have two beautiful daughters, one born in water, the other born frank breech at home. I offer placenta encapsulation and birth photography as well. You can reach me at (707) 291-0989 for a free consultation.

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